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  • If you are in holiday in the paradise, experiencing the beauty of underwater world could be a must

The island of Bali offers many types of water sports activities, such as white water rafting in Bali, and Tanjung Benoa water sports and one of the marine activities favored by tourists is Bali Seawalker.
In addition, the Sea walker sometimes referred to as the Walker underwater sea is a recreational diving activity running the sea. While most dive operations use diving equipment, but for lost SeaWalker activity participants, use a helmet and enter the seabed through stairs and members walk on the seabed, this is why the event is called a sea walker or underwater seawalker.

Therefore, the question now is whether there is a scuba dive intro activity why do people choose to do an ocean underwater, Walker? In fact, not everyone has experienced scuba diving but wants to see and feel the marine life directly, this is why seawalker activities are made. Some people consider Seawalker Bali to be an expensive thing to do, of course, that’s just an opinion. If you compare the extraordinary adventure experience that you will get with Seawalker Bali, then it will be valuable for your money.


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